What is Pre-Employment Candidate Screening?

Pre-employment candidate screening is the process of reviewing candidates before deciding who to hire. This involves the following steps

  • Reviewing resumes and applications.
  • Conducting initial screening interviews.
  • Evaluating the candidates' qualifications, skills, and experience.

Pre-employment candidate screening is a critical step in the hiring process. It helps employers identify the most qualified and suitable candidates for the job.

Employer are several different types of pre-employment candidate screening that are used, including:

Resume and application review:

The first step in the pre-employment candidate screening process is to do an initial review of applications. This involves a high-level analysis of the candidate's education, work history, skills, and personal characteristics. This helps determine whether they meet the basic requirements for the job. Often a large number of candidates are screened out at this first step. Candidate screening forms and candidate screening matrixes are often used as part of this step. 

Candidate Screening tools:

Employers often use automated screening tools to help filter out resumes that do not meet certain criteria. Examples would be certain keywords or the lowest levels of education or experience. This can help save a lot of time by only reviewing candidates with a good fit.

Initial screening interviews:

The next step in the pre-employment candidate screening process is to conduct initial interviews. Employees mainly do this through video conferencing. But is also done in person or over the phone, or through video conferencing. This depends on the employer's preferences.

During the initial interview, the employer asks the candidate a set of questions. These help the employer to get a better understanding of their qualifications, skills, and experience. And to determine whether they are a good fit for the job.

Evaluation of qualifications and experience:

The final step in the pre-employment candidate screening process is to do a deeper evaluation of the candidate's qualifications, skills, and experience.

This involves often involves the following steps:

Verifying the candidate's employment and educational history. Checking any professional licences or certifications.

Conducting reference checks.

Employers also use candidate screening assessments to gather more information about the candidates' skills and abilities.

Pre-employment screening is often done by the human resources department or the hiring manager.

Third-Party Vendors

In some cases,  third-party vendors conduct the screening. They often specialise in background checks and other types of screening services. These vendors verify the accuracy of the information provided by candidates.

Vendors are also used when conducting more specialised or in-depth checks, such as criminal records checks or drug tests. It is important to check the services of any vendors to ensure that they are reliable and follow relevant laws and regulations.

Pre-employment screening is a key step in any hiring process. It helps ensure that employers find the best candidate. It also helps screen out candidates that are undesirable or not suited to the company. One of the other major benefits is that it helps save time that would be otherwise spent interviewing candidates that weren’t relevant. 

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