What is Cultural Fit
Cultural fit is an important consideration when screening candidates. Culture fit refers to how well the values, beliefs, and behaviours of a job candidate align with those of the company.
Traditionally most assessments focus more on the technical skills that a candidate may have. But by also factoring in culture fit the chances of finding the best candidate are increased.
A good cultural fit can lead has a range of different benefits including the following:
  • increased job satisfaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher retention
We have all worked with colleagues that may have been good technically but were a poor fit with the company culture. A poor culture fit can have a significant negative effect on the company. result in conflict and people leaving the company quickly.
It may not be immediately obvious when a candidate is not a good fit. They might get hired and it might take months to figure out that they were a bad fit.
There are several ways that employers can assess culture fit when screening candidates:
Evaluate the fit with the company's values:
One way to assess culture fit is to test how well the candidate's values align with those of the company. This is done through resume and application review, as well as through interviews and assessments.
Look for behaviours that align with the company culture:
Another way to assess culture fit is to look for behaviours that align with the company culture. This can include behaviours such as teamwork, collaboration, and a willingness to take on new challenges. Using a screening matrix is a good approach to assess such attributes.
Consider the candidate's fit with the team:
It's also important to consider whether the candidate will fit in well with the existing team. This is an often overlooked aspect that has a big impact on the employee. This is assessed through interviews with team members, and assessments that measure teamwork and collaboration.
Use a culture fit assessment tool:
Some companies use culture fit assessment tools to help measure how well a candidate's values and behaviours align with those of the company. These tools may include personality tests, values assessments, or other types of assessments.
Cultural fit is an important consideration to take into account when screening candidates. By taking the time to assess cultural fit, employers increase the chances of hiring employees who will be a good fit with the company and its culture.
This will lead to many benefits including increased job satisfaction, productivity, and retention, which will benefit the company as a whole.

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