HR Terms Glossary

Here is everything you would want to know about the most commonly used terms by HR team members and Recruiters

What is Talent Intelligence

Talent intelligence is the process of gathering and analysing data about potential and current employees to make informed decisions about managing talent.

Culture Fit

Cultural fit is an important consideration when screening candidates. Culture fit refers to how well the values, beliefs, and behaviours of a candidate...

Candidate Shortlisting Process

Employers use the candidate shortlisting process to identify and select the best candidates for a job. This process involves several steps, including:


Background Checks

Background checks are quite a common practice when screening candidates for employment in the UK. Employers may conduct....

Strengths Testing

Screening candidates for strengths prior to hiring them is a powerful technique that involves identifying and evaluating the skills, abilities and personal qualities...

Medical Screening

Pre-employment medical screening is the process of evaluating the medical status of candidates as part of the hiring process. This type of screening...

Criminal Record Checks

Criminal record checks are often used when screening candidates for employment in the UK....

Social Media Screening

Social media background screening is a process in which an employer checks a job candidate's social media accounts and online presence when they are looking...

Candidate Screening Form

The candidate screening evaluation form is a tool that employers use to assess and evaluate job candidates as part of the hiring process...

The types of Screening Tests

Candidate screening tests are tools that are used to evaluate job candidates as part of the hiring process. These tests can be used to assess a variety of skills and abilities...

Screening Matrix

A candidate screening matrix is a tool that employers can use to assess candidates and figure out which ones are the best fit for the position. It is systematic... 

Candidate Screening Policy

A candidate screening policy is a set of best practices and guidelines that a company follows when evaluating candidates as part of the hiring process.

Skills Assessment Report

A candidate skills assessment report provides a summary of the level of ability a given candidate has for a set of skills

Screening Consent

When a company is hiring a candidate in the UK, the candidate must provide consent before any screening happens.

Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-employment candidate screening is the process of reviewing candidates before deciding who to hire. This involves the following steps


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