Hire the best people faster

A candidate screening and outreach tool that helps you take the guesswork out of hiring. 

For teams that need to grow fast

Smart Candidate Scoring

  AI & Machine Learning to score candidates based on their engagement description

Save time

  Make decisions faster and speed up your hiring process

Greater Clarity

  Clearly see how many candidates you have at each step of the process 


  Easily customize the scoring to match your team and company closely

Data Driven

  Use data to make more accurate decisions and take out the guesswork. 

Seamless Integration

  Easily integrate with your existing tools such as Workable and Bamboo

Faster data-driven decisions

Take the guesswork out of hiring and learn more about any gaps and issues in your current process

Quickly identify patterns in skills and mindset

Analytics to highlight improvements over time

Get powerful insight straight to your ATS or HR platform.

The human touch backed by science

We combine behavioural psychology with real-world experience with 100s of organisations and leaders to help you find the best hires in a faster and easier manner

What people say

“Its simplicity simply blows away the competition.

Finding the right candidates is a breeze with Serand”
Angela JonesAngela JonesCEO & Founder ODX

“We were using excel files and sharing notes earlier and it would take ages to come to a decision.

Moving to Serand helped speed up our hiring process and become much more efficient.
Irene J. HolmesIrene J. HolmesHR Specialist

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We designed and tested prototypes that helped identify pain points in the hiring process. Together, we shaped the new standard.
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