What is Talent Intelligence

Talent intelligence relates to the process of gathering and analysing data about potential and current employees to make informed decisions about managing talent. 

Employers use Talent intelligence to identify trends in employee behaviour, skills, and performance. Talent Intelligence helps organisations make better decisions about hiring and improving their workforce.

Employers gather and analyse Talent intelligence in many ways, including the following:

  • Data analytics,
  • Surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Proprietary data

Employers use it to track employee performance and engagement. The insights that are created can also identify areas where employees need extra training or support.

There are several benefits to using talent intelligence in talent management:

Improved decision-making:

Talent intelligence helps organisations make more informed data-driven decisions about their workforce. By gathering and analysing a wide range of data about employee skills, performance, and engagement, organisations identify key trends and patterns that inform decisions about recruitment, hiring, and employee development.

Enhanced employee development:

Talent intelligence helps organisations identify areas where employees may need extra training or support. Employers use Talent Intelligence to design customised training and development plans tailored to the needs of individual employees. This helps organisations develop the skills and abilities of their workforce, which boosts organisational performance. Testing employee strengths can also help to establish a baseline to figure out where training is needed.

Increased employee engagement:

Talent intelligence helps organisations identify factors that are contributing to low employee engagement. It helps organisations develop strategies to improve engagement levels. Improving engagement levels has many benefits:

  • Increased productivity,
  • Lower employee turnover,
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Talent intelligence can also help find candidates that are a better cultural fit. This is important for the long term health of the company and to maximise performance.  

Reduced risk:

Talent intelligence helps organisations identify potential areas of risk. These include high employee turnover or skill gaps. By identifying and addressing these issues, organisations reduce the risk of negative impacts on performance and productivity.

Talent intelligence is a valuable tool for organisations to use when managing talent. It provides organisations with a powerful set of tools to uncover hidden insights. These insights can often lead to an improvement in company performance.