Say goodbye to guesswork

Our cutting edge features not only speed up screening but also give you a clearer idea about the types of candidates that are being attracted to your company. 

Industry experts

Tests Created by Industry Experts

We understand the importance of accurate assessments, which is why our tests are created by industry experts. 

Fully integrated

Integrate with your systems

Take the guesswork out of hiring and learn more about any gaps and issues in your current process

Move faster

Get started quickly with our intuitive user-friendly interface

Our user-friendly interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Hiring managers can interact with the tool effortlessly, without requiring extensive training or technical expertise.

deep comparison

Real-time feedback and power data analytics

Serand provides real-time feedback and reporting to hiring managers, enabling them to make informed decisions quickly. It generates clear and concise reports that highlight the candidate’s fit.

Deep comparison

Compare candidates and jobs

Serand provides comparative analysis of candidates’ mindset, values, and personality profiles, highlighting strengths, areas for development, and potential areas of synergy. 

happier candidates

Improved Candidate Experience

Serand provides personalised feedback, development suggestions, and resources to help candidates understand their fit and grow professionally, even if they are not selected for a particular role.