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Our Vision

Redefine hiring for the 21st Century

To redefine the way companies hire, enabling businesses to effortlessly identify and select the perfect candidates based on overall fit. We revolutionize talent acquisition by streamlining the hiring process, leveraging data-driven insights, and fostering long-term organizational success.





Look for a deeper fit.

Our mission is to empower businesses with intelligent solutions that seamlessly identify and highlight ideal candidates based on a deeper level of fit. 

By revolutionizing talent screening  through the implementation of more objective and fairer hiring practices, driven by data-driven insights, we drive sustainable growth and cultivate strong employer-employee relationships, ensuring our clients’ long-term success.



Our Vision

Fulfilment for all

I founded Serand out of sheer frustration with the slow and cumbersome traditional hiring process. 

Too often, by the time I made an offer, the candidate had already been snatched up, and even when I did hire someone, they often turned to be a bad fit for the company. 

This cycle fuelled my determination to tackle the negative impact of biases in recruitment, which blocked access to top talent. 

I embarked on a data-driven, objective approach to transform the hiring process, making it fairer and more inclusive. 

The goal is to bring more happiness and fulfilment to everyone.

People First

Putting people first is the linchpin for forging genuine connections, cultivating loyalty, and creating a tribe of passionate advocates who believe in the transformative power of Serand